Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by art in its various forms which naturally developed a sense of aesthetics and artistic characteristics within me. Having this innate artistic tendency as a child, I used to see everything around me as a canvas. I kept practicing my creativity by being avidly indulged in many art activities. Receiving encouragement and support from my parents and teachers motivated me to pursue professional art training along with my academics. Those truly were the most fascinating and valuable learning days of my life which enabled me to freely express myself through different mediums.


You! What sets you apart from other artists?

AB: I think, I’ve always received huge appreciation because of my artistic approach towards designing a space and its overall ambience. My creative and drawing skills have contributed in my professional field when it comes to sharing prompt ideas to clients or making presentations. Also, possessing a deep love for different art forms help me to expand my architectural horizons and to experiment various strategies while designing without any fear.

You! How did you develop and interest in architecture and why did you decide to pursue it?

AB: Being an ardent observer I’ve always found art and beauty in the most forsaken things and that instantly attracted me towards ‘the art of buildings and spaces’. Specially, historically magnificent structures etched with many bygone tales. Hence, this sculptural and functional art form inspired me to practice my artistic urge.

You! What is your design philosophy?

AB: I’ve developed a philosophical ideology that architecture is not merely about building and constructing structures but it’s a lifestyle which plays a crucial role in providing the required comfort to people with the respect to their context and culture. My graduation thesis was also based on ‘How can art and architecture be used as a catalyst for human development and healing rather than mere concrete development’, for which I was awarded a distinction. I discovered that art and architecture is not just for pleasure but holds a significant power to rehabilitate lives.



Yes. I do. I believe that if you have a great sense and understanding of space then software’s are an efficient medium to convey your ideas.

You! What is your experience with sustainable design?

AB: In university we were always expected to generate sustainable, contextual and cost effective ideas. So I’ve always kept sustainability in my mind. Fortunately, through my final year thesis, I was able to propose a design that was not only efficient in many different ways but also produced an impactful contribution in the community development.

You! How can we reduce the environmental impact?

AB: By thought-provoking researches and environmental analysis yet implementing those considerations while designing.

You! What has been your favourite project to work on?

AB: Designing a retail outlet including its spatial feel and furniture under the guidance of my mentor Usman Mughni of ‘Usman Mughni Design Studio’. For me it was a great learning experience where I got the opportunity to use my architectural and artistic expertise with great liberty.


You! What do you love being more, an architect or an artist?

AB: For me art and architecture is the same thing because art itself inclined me to study and perceive architecture in a detailed manner. On the other hand, architecture has nurtured my creative and conceptual depth as well as analytical perception. It allowed me to play with spaces, light, colours, forms, textures, design principles, and various materials which has not only broadened my imagination but has turned me into a socially responsible designer, as well. So architecture is a form of art for me and I enjoy practicing both. Although, it’s always a proud feeling to be called an architect who is an artist too.

You! What is your daily routine like?

AB: It’s a normal routine like everyone else but having the same pattern daily really bores me that’s why I try to keep my days different from one another and try to add different activities. Since, I work as a freelancer, I don’t have a rigid schedule to follow and so I do my work whenever I feel inspired.

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