Investing in a good concealer is key. This is one of the best quick makeup tips for moms out there and it involves putting dots on specific areas of your face with your concealer.

This helps in creating a more polished base even without foundation. The parts of your face you need to target for an even complexion are: Under eye area, bridge of the nose, corner of the nostrils, cupid bow area, chin and lastly, spot conceal any dark spots or redness

Remember to put the minimal amount, just enough to cover and even out the skin tone. You don’t even have to use a brush for this but let the concealer sit on the skin for a few seconds and dab with your ring finger to blend. Immediately, your face will brighten up and your skin tone more even, just like it had light foundation on.

Multipurpose beauty products are perfect for busy moms! Lip tints are multi-functional products of the beauty world. It can be used on the cheeks and on the lips, it stays on longer and wears like a dream because it works by staining your skin. So even if you eat and run around, it will not wear off like a lipstick that turns patchy throughout the day. Often, during the harsh summer season, our lips are begging for a bit of hydration, so a lip balm with a sheer tint is a nice option. Choosing something light and simple is the best option for a mom on the go, adding colour without looking overdone. Apply a gloss over it for plumper-looking effect for and youthful glow.

Adding shimmer to your eyelids is the best quick makeup hack ever. Even if you’re not a mom, this trick is perfect for those quick looks. The shimmers draw attention to your eyes and just adds a bit of sparkle to your face. Skip the eyeliner and tight line your eyes instead. This trick can save you time and make your eyes appear wide and awake. Lastly, add a touch of mascara to add definition. Even on a naked lid, adding just mascara and liner makes you seem more polished. And voila! you’re glamorous as ever and nobody needs to know how tired you are.

If you have too many clothes in your closet, you will end up having a harder time putting together outfits and may just grab the same sweatpants and t-shirt every day. Instead, simplify your wardrobe to only keep the fashion pieces that you love, and the outfits you want to wear out. Find colours you love. When choosing you go-together classics, keep a limited colour palette in mind, so no matter which pieces you pull, everything will look great. Add a crisp white blouse (a white kurti is a staple) and you have an almost endless number of looks.

Neutral pieces are going to be the easiest clothing items to match, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy prints, patterns, and bright colours too! Keep a few of these items in your wardrobe for those days when you need something a little bolder than a neutral blouse or kurti. Prints and patterns can be your best friends when time to make outfits is minimal and inspiration is slim to none. Prints add dimension and interest to your look – even adding just one printed piece totally elevates your outfit.

You can pick your print in more ways than one. If you love stripes – go for it! If floral or geometric prints are to your liking, those are easy to find. And if you’re an animal print aficionado, you’ve got many to choose from. And you can also decide how to wear your prints – print tops are the easiest to integrate into a wardrobe, but print pants are just as fun and print scarves add style points to almost any look.

With a wardrobe of basics at your side, you’re ready to go…almost. The third key to getting out the door in a stylish few minutes is accessories—the little things that take a classic outfit from good to amazingly put together. Wardrobe add-ons like shoes, scarves, jewellery, bags and outerwear is where you get to express your style, your taste. A pair of earrings and a necklace or a few bracelets can dress up a look in under 30 seconds. Wrap a cute scarf around your neck to look instantly chic. And a little cover-u; blush and lip gloss does more than a designer outfit could for a tired mom.


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